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Since 1997, EC Innovations has been building its reputation as a customer-centric organization with a keen focus on high quality standards and technological creativity for putting together the best piecemeal solutions together for our ambitious and innovative clientele.

In a show of appreciation and admiration to our distinguished clients and special guests from all around the world, EC Innovations’ will be honored to host this event on our 20th Anniversary.

Both in interactivity and celebration, EC Innovations’ brings together leading Multinationals, their respective Global Marketing Leaders and our own Localization/Translation/Globalization Pioneers to delve into the latest international business trends and strategies all in effort to bring a Global perspective to our ever evolving approach and reaction to an increasingly connected world.

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James Wei


Founder and CEO of EC Innovations. Dr. James Wei started his career as an electronic engineer at CALT. He founded EC Innovations in 1997 and has led the company to a world-leading LSP.

Raymond Wang

Operations Director

of ECI for years who manages nearly all aspects of the organization’s operations to meet objectives for profitability while defining new initiatives for growth.

Katalin Varga

Managing Director

Translation and localization professional with over 15 years in this industry. Special interest in quality management and workflow optimization in translation.

Lindsay Zhang

Managing Director

of ECI Shanghai, who works in localization industry for a decade.Graduated from University of Warwick, and now is responsible for leading ECI team in Shanghai.

Billy Fan

Operations Director

Joined ECI in 2006, successively held the posts of editor, project manager & QA manager.

David Wang

DTP & Multimedia Director

Provide comprehensive technic support and complete localization solutions for documents and mulitimedia.


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